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If you find that your partial dentures are loose or uncomfortable to wear, especially while chewing foods, we can offer you a more comfortable solution. When our patients cannot accommodate a normal plastic partial denture, a flexible partial denture can be offered as an alternative. This is because flexible dentures adjust easily to any irregularities in the mouth to provide a fit that is more comfortable and effective.

Flexible Dentures

Perfect for your mouth :

Designed to accommodate even the most awkward of bite types, flexible partial dentures will fit perfectly with the parts of your mouth that many conventional hard plastic bases cannot. By working closely with the unique shape of your mouth, we will help you achieve a well fitting, stable denture. Because of the flexible fit no metal clasps are required.

More natural looking :

  • Completely natural looking to restore your smile
  • Long lasting injection moulded, flexible resin
  • Quicker to create and fit than a conventional partial denture
  • No need for denture adhesive to increase the retention of your dentures